About Me

Hiya, my name is Nicole.

Growing up, all of our vegetables came from a can and herbs (if they were even present) were always dry.  Our sandwiches were served between two slices of the cheapest bread we could find and many of our home cooked meals were frozen.  Salted butter was also a staple in our family.

Fast forward twenty years and I am in a new world, full of fresh market produce, health-conscience friends and vegan and vegetarian substitutes galore.  Gone are the processed foods of yesteryear.  Although I do find myself binging on bags of chips/popcorn/pretzels from time to time, I am on a quest to live a healthier lifestyle overall.

I lived in the mountainous land of Colorado, but recently moved back home to the midwest to spend time with family.

caboose killer kitteh

I’m also a kitty mom.  Say hello to Caboose (queue Extreme Close Up).

I love, love, love, food.  I love to cook it, to smell it, to eat it, and I love experimenting with new flavors.

I like hiking.

A lot.

And I love Wisconsin sports teams (and their crazy fans too).

Oh, I also have a slight obsession with the movie Amelie, Star Trek and bacon.  I might be due for an intervention. I’m an idealist and a dreamer. I love people, places, art, beauty. Sometimes I hate people, places, art, beauty. I’m a hypocrite.

This website began as a food blog but has slowly transformed into a documentary of all my adventures — in and outside of the kitchen.  I hope to share with you my journey towards better eating, learning how to cook and bake, and all of the other crap that happens to me.

Thanks for stopping by!  You seem nice.