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Pea Rangoons Appetizer with Blueberry Chutney

I’m absolutely OBSESSED with these pea rangoons! I know, pea rangoons? What’s the deal, McBooty? Bear with me. I was feeling inspired the other day so I threw some ingredients together, cast my spell (“Double, double, toil and trouble!”) and popped my creations into the oven. To my surprise, these turned out to be tasty little morsels… Continue reading Pea Rangoons Appetizer with Blueberry Chutney

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Polish Pickle Soup (Zupa Ogorkowa) {Vegetarian}

Attention pickle lovers – you MUST try Pickle Soup!! I am 50% Polish and 50% Filipino. Probably haven’t heard of that one before, huh? My unique heritage could explain why I love so many different types of food (or maybe I just like to eat good food?) Every time I visit my family in Wisconsin I… Continue reading Polish Pickle Soup (Zupa Ogorkowa) {Vegetarian}

Appetizers/Snacks · Recipes · Vegan/Vegetarian

Spicy Queso Dip (Medium Heat) {Vegetarian}

Today is National Cheese Lovers Day!  It’s pretty much my favorite holiday… second to National Bacon Day of course.  🙂 This queso dip is bursting with vegetables and flavor.  The chunks of tomatoes, three kinds of peppers, onions, hint of lime and spices really make this dip sing.  I like to think all of the… Continue reading Spicy Queso Dip (Medium Heat) {Vegetarian}