My daily adventures

Royal Arch Trail, Chautauqua Park Trailhead

Starting elevation: 5,710′
Ending elevation: 6,915′
Length: 3.2 miles round trip
Recommended gear in January: Ice cleats
Hiking buddy:  Mister
After-hike meal: Beau Jo’s Pizza ūüôā

Although this isn’t the longest hike I have ever done, I can tell you that my buns were burning afterwards! ¬†What a great hike to get the lungs going again and work those quads. ¬†This trail is marked at a “moderately strenuous” skill level so that made my pride hurt a bit less …at least.

It may only be January (almost February now!) but I am very happy to take advantage of this winter’s wimpy snowfall. ¬† Heck, if I ever want to conquer Boulder’s triple peak challenge, let alone a 14-er this summer, I need to start early!

Holiday Traditions

Happy morning to everyone!

I have been blessed with such a wonderful privilege today. ¬†My mom asked me to make the Christmas feast again this year. ¬†This will be the third year that I’ve prepared the meal that we all sit around to enjoy and talk about our years. ¬†This is a new tradition that I have completely fallen in love with. ¬†I really enjoy introducing my family to new foods that they would otherwise never think about trying. ¬†I have fun trying to come up with new ways to incorporate new foods. ¬†I’d imagine that it’s similar to hiding vegetables on a child’s plate …just with bigger kids.

I’ve spent most of the morning pondering my menu. ¬†I have a few ideas, but who knows if those will stick or not.

I’m curious to hear about your family traditions, food related or not. ¬†Do you get together for brunch? ¬†Do you open presents? ¬†Do you keep things simple? ¬†What do the holidays mean to you?

Enjoy your weekend,


My Husband Has Manboobs

Hello all. ¬†I hope this post finds you well. ¬†It’s cold outside. ¬†The perfect weather for soups and stews and all of those dishes that warm your soul. ¬†Here I sit — listening to¬†Soundcloud¬†— my mind racing. ¬†I finally received my case packet from the state of Colorado today. ¬†I’m in a whirlwind of emotions right now. ¬†It’s interesting and very scary to read an officer’s report about you.

In other news, the shoot this weekend went very well. ¬†It was really, really nice to be on a production set again. ¬†Although stressful at times, I’ve missed the hustle and bustle of setting up and breaking down a set. ¬†I took the opportunity during my down time to catch up on some reading too. ¬†Even though I didn’t play a big part in this production (production assistant is hardly a role) I felt good about what I accomplished throughout the entire process — as cliche as that may sound.

See that furniture and props and wardrobe? Yeah, I helped do that.

Funny thing happened on set. ¬†At one point we had all been talking about bras and boobs for a fairly lengthy period of time (who knows why, we just love tangents). ¬†Finally the conversation settled and the older lady in the photo above calmly stated, “My husband has manboobs.” ¬†Everybody started laughing. ¬†She replied with, “What? ¬†It’s true.”

I’m smiling just thinking about it now.

These Babies Drink Hot Sauce With Their Milk

It’s true. ¬†New Mexican mothers add hot sauce to warm milk to help their babies sleep at night. ¬†How else would you explain a New Mexican’s tolerance of spiciness in their dishes?

Eh, it’s a theory…

Mister and I only have two things in common. ¬†One of them is that we like to watch food shows, including Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. ¬†The other thing… well, we’re still trying to figure that out. ¬†On one particular episode of DD&D, Guy Fieri (the host with the crazy bleached hair) indulges in New Mexican green and red chiles. ¬†We craved chili for weeks afterward and decided to satisfy our cravings and road trip down to NM.

The blur I deem as day 1 consisted of a half day of work, eight (8) hours of driving, handfuls of junk food, and bad radio.  We finally arrived in Santa Fe Рtoo tired to do anything except sleep.

We were well rested and ready to rock Santa Fe on day 2. ¬†We spent the morning enjoying our favorite breakfast at Harry’s Roadhouse¬†consisting of Migas, Chilaquiles and scrapple. ¬†The rest of the¬†day was spent exploring downtown Santa Fe. ¬†We soaked in their local culture and architecture, art festival, and most importantly, their local brews.



Oh¬†Marble Brewing Co.¬†— my new home away from home. ¬†Their amber was absolutely delightful and per usual, Mister was feeling the IPA’s. ¬†We met two gentlemen that were nice enough to let us play them in shuffleboard (and they kicked our amateur butts). ¬†It was here that we learned about Marble Brewing’s three beer max rule. ¬†Apparently drinking and driving had become such a problem in the state, that many establishments were enforcing similar rules in order to prevent lawsuits.

Huh.  Trivia fact for the day.

We hit up¬†Albuquerque¬†during the last day of our trip and enjoyed the best calamari either of us had ever had at a little place called¬†Standard Diner. ¬†Yes I said New Mexican calamari. ¬† Who woulddathunk it? ¬†Standard Diner also had some amazing country fried ahi tuna (seems a bit like an oxymoron doesn’t it?). ¬†Well it didn’t taste like an oxymoron, at least, not what I would imagine an oxymoron would taste like. ¬†Country fried ahi tuna is definitely on my list of recipes to try to make at home.

As for the rest of Albuquerque, that’s still TBD in my book. ¬†Most of the places were closed because it was a holiday, which I noted for next time: “BYOB on holidays.” ¬†The wall murals were pretty darn cool though.


Because We All Need a Little Help Sometimes

I just learned the correct pronunciation of Worcestershire this weekend.

Enlighten yourself here.

I still like my pronunciation better:

Wor-chest-chest-(repeated numerous times)-chest-sure.

Or another favorite: Woost-est-shire. ¬†That’s how the Hobbits pronounce it at least.



I know, sometimes I’m really special.


Restringing My New Baby

A handmade copy of an Antonio Stradivarius violin from Germany. Is that not one of the sexiest things you’ve ever heard?

My loins are on fire people!

Unwind your strings.

Rip them off with your teeth.

Admire it’s naked beauty.

Add strings (with your teeth of course) and voilà! Your gently used instrument is ready for some hardcore playing action!

See you at symphony rehearsal ūüėÄ

Now That’s What I Call Dedication {Graphic}

Sometimes you come home and you really want a beer.


I mean, you really, really want a beer.


You imagine your lips touching a frosty glass of crisp beer and the initial rush of flavors that tickle your taste-buds in a carbonated frenzy.


Ahhh… that’s the good stuff right there.


I came home, wanting that very beer.  Unfortunately I had to sacrifice a pint of blood first.


Yeah, that alligator-like creature is my thumb.


You know, you try to do good in this world and sometimes it bites you in the ass.  I was replacing my frosty glass with another glass when BOOM!!!!!!!  I knocked the edge of it on something and shoved the busted end straight into my thumb.


How often do you use your thumb anyway?


R.I.P. little guy.

You know, in all honesty?  I wont really miss that pint glass.

Anywho, the moral of this story is… ¬†when you really want a brewski, you should get a brewski.

Well… I got mine anyway. ¬†ūüôā


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