Can You Eat Crocs?

Crocs — Those funny looking shoes that are popular amongst medical staff.  Made from 100% organic, non-toxic materials, it is rumored that you can eat these shoes if you’re ever stranded in the woods.  So instead of eating your own limbs, you can boil your shoes and eat those instead.

[ Which makes me wonder how you boil them if you’re in the middle of the woods… ]

Anywho… after doing some research, I have discovered that nobody in the Croc corporation recommends eating these shoes.  I don’t know where this rumor started, or why it started, but it is FALSE! (Mythbusters would be proud!)

However, if I had to choose between eating my left arm or my hot pink Crocs… I would probably try chewing on some organic rubber for awhile.  But that’s just me.

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