How to Melt Chocolate

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Today’s focus is on sinfully sweet chocolate and melting techniques.  Chocolate is a fairly fragile substance and burns rather easily.  So when it comes to those melty chocolate recipes you really don’t want to expose your delicious morsels to direct heat.  There are a couple different methods that work well to melt chocolate.

Firstly, chop your chocolate into uniform pieces so it will melt at equal time.

Double Boiler

Because all microwaves are different, this is my preferred method.  Also I feel you have much more control over the melting of your chocolate than with a microwave.

To use this method, fill the bottom of a double boiler with water and place on low heat.  Place your chocolate in the top of the boiler over hot (not boiling) water and allow it to melt.  Do not cover.  Stir until smooth and immediately remove the top of the boiler from the heat.

NOTE:  If you do not have a double boiler, you can easily cheat this method by using a pan as your lower half and a large glass or metal bowl for the top half of your make-shift double boiler.


Place your chocolate into a glass container and place it in your microwave for 1 minute.  You will probably need to melt the chocolate further.  In between each heating, make sure you stir the chocolate to prevent scorching.   Repeat until completely melted.

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