Now That’s What I Call Dedication {Graphic}

Sometimes you come home and you really want a beer.


I mean, you really, really want a beer.


You imagine your lips touching a frosty glass of crisp beer and the initial rush of flavors that tickle your taste-buds in a carbonated frenzy.


Ahhh… that’s the good stuff right there.


I came home, wanting that very beer.  Unfortunately I had to sacrifice a pint of blood first.


Yeah, that alligator-like creature is my thumb.


You know, you try to do good in this world and sometimes it bites you in the ass.  I was replacing my frosty glass with another glass when BOOM!!!!!!!  I knocked the edge of it on something and shoved the busted end straight into my thumb.


How often do you use your thumb anyway?


R.I.P. little guy.

You know, in all honesty?  I wont really miss that pint glass.

Anywho, the moral of this story is…  when you really want a brewski, you should get a brewski.

Well… I got mine anyway.  🙂


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