Our Latest Addition


Meet Benny (well, her full name is Crazy Orange Curly Lola Bennigan, but we call her Benny for short).  She is our rescue kitty, delivered to our door step.

Allow me to explain.

One morning I woke up to a text saying, “Is that cat still outside?”  Half-awake and bewildered, I opened the front door and faced the bitter cold to find an orange stray cat, curled up in a ball and shivering on the stairs of our apartment building.

Someone was kind enough to put out some water for her.  Mister put out some food for her as well.  I gave her a towel and said hello and proceeded to get ready to go to work.

Time-lapse to 9 hours later…

I returned from a long day at the office to find the cat, in the same position, water and food untouched.  The poor thing was either too cold to do anything or too scared.

So I brought the little’un inside the safety of our porch.  I consulted my inner kid and built her a warm, cozy kitty fort, to shelter her from the cold and snow, until I could figure out what to do with her.  She started doing things like this, so how could we say no to this curly little furball?


After a few trips to the vet and posting multiple Craigslist articles to find her original owners, we decided that she is now our very happy (and warm) fluffball.  Look at those big paws!


So anyway, this is Benny and even when she’s not waking us up to feed her, or being a spaz, we’re happy she is a part of our cozy family.

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