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Mac and Cheese With Buttery Goldfish Crust {Vegetarian}

I was at a friend’s house of mine a few nights ago enjoying an evening of fine conversation (and strong wine) when we started to get hungry.  Us ladies searched the pantry for scrumptious treats when she kindly suggested preparing a box of mac and cheese.  I looked at her, wide-eyed in disbelief, as if… Continue reading Mac and Cheese With Buttery Goldfish Crust {Vegetarian}

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Farmer’s Market Pasta Salad

The other day at the farmer’s market in Denver I picked up these beautiful cherry tomatoes (among other finds).  Inspired by all the market’s fresh ingredients, I decided to make a Farmer’s Market Pasta Salad using their tomatoes and peppers. Food Advertising by This pasta salad turned out great.  It was light and satisfying, perfect… Continue reading Farmer’s Market Pasta Salad

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Steamed Ginger-Peanut Chicken Dumplings

Dumplings — the college dorm room staple.  Whether you order take-out or keep them frozen in your tiny dorm freezer, they’re easy to reheat and great after long nights of skipping study group and bingeing on beer bongs and cheap shots of cheap tequila. I have had a bit of an obsession with dumplings lately.… Continue reading Steamed Ginger-Peanut Chicken Dumplings

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Puerco Pibil (Cochinita Pibil)

My fantastically amazing friend made this for our last pot luck.  The spices in the meat are absolutely to die for.  I’ve never had anything quite like it. A little bit of history:  Puerco Pibil is a traditional Mexican slow-roasted pork dish from the Yucatán Península. Preparation of traditional cochinita or puerco pibil involves marinating… Continue reading Puerco Pibil (Cochinita Pibil)

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Homemade Polish Pierogis

Pierogies (pierogi, piroghi…) are a Polish person’s idea of soul food.  A pierogie is a dumpling stuffed with various fillings.  Traditional fillings include potato and cheese, meat, sauerkraut and potato, cottage cheese and chives, and sweet fillings like prune and cherries. Like most dumplings, these take time to prepare.   Because they are bit tedious… Continue reading Homemade Polish Pierogis