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Vegan Ziti with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Artichokes

Veganism is something that Mister and I are both currently exploring.  We are meat lovers at heart, but from time to time I find an amazing vegan recipe that I have to try (and Mister is typically my guinea pig).  Plus a good friend of ours is vegan, which provides even more opportunities to create… Continue reading Vegan Ziti with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Artichokes

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Rainbow Wedges for Pride Week

Happy pride weekend everyone! What better way to celebrate than putting jello into festive shapes?  Well… I suppose a splash of vodka might make this recipe but I will leave that up to you. PrintRainbow Orange Wedges Ingredients9 or so oranges, cut in half Six flavors of gelatin (lemon, orange, strawberry, lime, blueberry, grape)DirectionsScoop out… Continue reading Rainbow Wedges for Pride Week

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Cheers to Andrew Jackson Day

Today, March 15th, is Andrew Jackson Day.  Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States and his face appears on our $20 bill.  His “people will rule” campaign increased the number of voter turnout largely amongst common people.  Renown for his toughness, “Old Hickory” was the first president primarily associated with the frontier.… Continue reading Cheers to Andrew Jackson Day

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Flatout Flatbread Pizza {Vegetarian}

What a day!  Mister and I were exhausted after a long night, a long day at work, and an intense few hours at the rec center.  These flatbread pizzas were the perfect solution to satisfy our hunger, attend to our healthier eating styles and were easy enough to make without breaking the bank or using… Continue reading Flatout Flatbread Pizza {Vegetarian}

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Lamb Kabobs with Lemon Rosemary Sauce

My ever growing list of things that I dislike about HOA’s They don’t like the fact that I had my bike stored on my patio (where else am I going to store my bike, in my bathroom?) They don’t like grills, especially my beautiful 3-burner grill, on patios either. Something about a fire hazard?  Yadda,… Continue reading Lamb Kabobs with Lemon Rosemary Sauce