My Favorite Lemon Blueberry Muffins

Unemployed life is surprisingly busy.  I feel like I have less time now than I had while I was employed.  Dealing with insurance issues, the unemployment department, running errands, applying for jobs, fixing my car, interviewing, faxing, mailing, printing, copying… I am exhausted.  Maybe this would be a good time to take a vacation.  Any […]

Lemon-Rosemary Apple Pandowdy

Pandowdies, cobblers, slumps, and grunts are all variations on biscuit dough cooked with fruit.  These down-home desserts from early New England are enjoying a welcome revival. I picked up these apples at the Longmont Farmer’s Market (10 for $1!) and promised the farmer that I would give them a good home.  I remembered seeing a recipe for […]

Moist Blueberry Lemon Cake

Every since I joined Pinterest, I’ve seen beautiful pictures of lemon bars, blueberry muffins, and other various fruit crumbly bakes that make my mouth water.  Because July is Blueberry month, I decided it was time that I tried baking one of these delicious looking creations myself. These were originally supposed to be lemon bars, but […]

Hollandaise Sauce

To get restaurant quality Hollandaise sauce is a little tricky.  The emulsion of egg yolks and butter that has dated as early as the 17th century is not something that comes easy to the novice chef.  Hopefully with these tips, you’ll crank out the perfect Hollandaise sauce in your own home. The most important part […]