Glorious Garlic-Infused Olive Oil

Please read this document regarding garlic-in-oil mixture safety before continuing.  Who needs a stake to ward off evil vampires when you can dump garlic-infused olive oil all over them instead? If only Buffy had been more domesticated. Other reasons why you should roast garlic cloves in an entire bottle of extra-virgin olive oil: Garlic makes just about […]

How to Artichoke

I was at my local super market for something completely unrelated to this post when I ran into a couple of artichokes.  Now, this wasn’t my first rodeo with an artichoke (you can see my handy work here), but these artichokes were particularly rude.  These rabble rousers were wreaking havoc amongst the customers in the […]

How to Melt Chocolate

Today’s focus is on sinfully sweet chocolate and melting techniques.  Chocolate is a fairly fragile substance and burns rather easily.  So when it comes to those melty chocolate recipes you really don’t want to expose your delicious morsels to direct heat.  There are a couple different methods that work well to melt chocolate. Firstly, chop […]

How to Whip Cream

Fans of whipped cream know that homemade whipped cream is very different than then stuff that comes from an aerosol can.  It tastes better, looks nicer, and it has no preservatives, which is always a plus. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to create your own perfectly light and smooth whipped cream: First […]